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Thing to Ensure you do before you move house

Moving House

When moving House there’s a lot you need to remember to ensure your move goes smoothly, this includes all the big physical moves right down to little bits of paperwork. Many removal company’s notices a lot of things being left behind when moving from one house to another. Moving house can be very stressful however to minimise the stress ensure good organisation and planning throughout. It is always good to ensure you hire the professionals. Before the move is complete it is important that you get your mail re-directed to your new address by doing this the Royal Mail will protect all your personal information. The next step that needs to be complete is informing your bank about your move. If you have any banks, insurance companies or building societies that you deal with they all need to be aware of your move before the date it happens this will ensure they are able to update your records in time.

Using Correct Packing Materials in your house move

A number of issues can be caused when moving house due to people not using the right packing material. This problem can cause damage to your items from being stored in boxes or containers. Most removal services will check how much weight each box can handle however when overfilling boxes belongings can easily collapse due to the weight being stored. If the weather on a moving day is bad boxes or bags that don’t seal properly can also leave you items vulnerable.

Labelling Boxes

When packing to start moving house from one destination to another it is important to ensure that you label all the boxes before storing your belongings. Many people do forget this little step however when reaching for your new home it will be easier to unload all the stored items. Labelling boxes for each room e.g. Bathroom, Kitchen, bedroom 1 etc… will ensure the removal company you have chosen can put the boxes in the room ready for you to unpack. Remembering to do this will have a huge impact when your move is at the other end.